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I was very sad about my situation and did not want to show my chest in public. I decided to make an appointment at Prof. Muensterer because of the reputation of the Pediatric Surgery Clinic and talking to other already treated pectus patients. From the beginning I felt very satisfied with everything. It did not take long to get an appointment at Prof. Muensterers Pectus clinic and I personally met him and his team from the first day. Prof. Muensterer was very warmly and professional and did tell me and my parents everything about the reasons of a pectus excavatum, vacuum bell treatment and Nuss procedure. We were also send for physiotherapy evaluation. Prof. Muensterer told me that he sends every patient for physiotherapy evaluation because of the overall evaluation of the pectus disease and he ordered some physiotherapy because of my scoliosis. We felt very pleasant about the overall preoperative management. Because of my age and the deep pectus deformity I decided to be operated with Nuss repair instead of using a vakuum bell. We had some fights with my insurance company as probably every pectus patient in Germany has. But with excellent support of Prof. Muensterer and special evaluation of my heart and lungs we finally got the confirmation of my insurance company. I was admitted to the clinic on the day of the operation and did not have to wait long. During the operation Prof. Muensterer placed one short bar with very small incisions. Great!!! And he placed a special pain catheter on both sides of my chest for local anesthesia. He told me, that he thinks it has a better pain relief then an epidural catheter and would be safer. And it finally did work very well! After 5 days I was discharged with oral pain medication. For the first 4 weeks I was just allowed to move without too much rotation of my chest. I could go back to school after 2,5 weeks. After 4 weeks I saw Prof. Muensterer back in clinic and I was very happy. After 3 months Prof. Muensterer allowed me to start my full activity again. Thanks to Prof. Muensterer and his team!!! He restored my self-confidence!!! I would highly recommend Prof. Muensterer and his team!!!

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