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News August 25, 2020 261
Doctors say it isn’t something that’s discussed much due to patients being embarrassed about it. But if your child has a chest wall abnormality where their breastbone sinks into...
News April 10, 2020 623
Two summers ago, Carmosino, who is a 6-foot-4 guard, was an up-and-coming player in the Sentinels’ program who impressed head coach Joe Bennett and assistant/junior varsity coach Mike Tartaglia...
News May 24, 2019 2399
He had a deformity that meant his chest grew inwards, giving him the appearance of a caved in torso. Now, years after having a metal bar...
News Updated December 13, 2018 3090
Just a few years ago Danielle Goldsmith was healthy and living a dream. She was a Ram’s cheerleader and very active. But in August on a hiking trip in...
News November 29, 2018 2594
“It was only when I was up and moving that I was symptomatic, so one of the cardiologists said, ‘Let’s do a standing echocardiogram.’ It was interesting. I had...
Softball Player Continues Play After Nuss Surgery
News June 10, 2018 1850
Zurakowski is the Cardinals' starting center fielder and batted leadoff in the championship game. Those watching the team play this season may have noticed the senior wearing protection on...
Emirati woman receives country’s first ‘funnel chest’ corrective surgery
News May 22, 2018 1664
ABU DHABI: A young Emirati woman has become the first person in the UAE to undergo corrective surgery for “funnel” chest, a condition in which her sternum and ribs...
Basketball Player Leads Team after Pectus Excavatum Correction
News January 29, 2018 3902
There’s adversity, and then there’s a four-hour-long operation with a side order of preparing to move away from the only place you’ve ever lived. Meet Bryce...
44 results - showing 1 - 10
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